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COVID-19 predictions: “infectable subgroup” hypothesis

As an amateur in virology, I present preliminary “infectable subgroup” hypothesis to explain: Why COVID-19 epidemic flattened in all countries even with poor mitigation measures Why new cases spike only in some (but not all) counties and US states since reopening   Why epidemiologic prognoses failed In existing epidemiological models (unless I am mistaken), chances to … Continue Reading

Rapamycin for COVID-19 by Mikhail V. Blagosklonny

Section 11 from forthcoming review entitled “From causes of aging to death from COVID-19” (read full review soon) As soon as COVID-19 epidemic started, it become clear that COVID-19 vulnerability is aging-dependent condition and the use of rapamycin (Sirolimus) was immediately suggested by independent researches {Sargiacomo, 2020 #9}, {Zhavoronkov, 2020 #105}, {Zhou, 2020 #94}{Omarjee, 2020 … Continue Reading